I'll Try Anything Once — The Strokes
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when I said, ‘i can see me in your eyes’
you said, ‘i can see you in my bed’

mattsmith-dawg: (text): neither of us wear pants, there's no point 'cause of all the SEX WE HAVE. mhmhmh you don't scare me TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT. hahaha hilarious, you've never found me attractive you fuckin dunce, it's why we've never done the do.

[ t e x t ] please don’t take us back to the time you talked about sex with karen non-stop, i did not sign up for this. and yeah, i have you dumb shit, but we’re never gonna do anything ‘bout it because that’s so last month ok. or two months ago, whenever that weird sex dream happened.

pftsel: [msg]: I knew you knew, I just couldn't admit it to you yet. I did though, twice. It wasn't like I went out of my way to sleep with him.. it just happened. [msg]: I did love Naya but.. I don't know if I loved Naya because she was a girl, or because she was Naya. I don't know, Taylor. I'm so confused. I don't know what I like or want or need. It's been fucking eating at me for weeks now. How don't I know what I want?

[ t e x t ] …Why couldn’t you tell me? It’s not as if I’d judge you for it. Hold on, this happened twice?! I’d understand the old ‘it just happened’ excuse on a one-time occurrence but the fact that this isn’t the first hook-up between the two of you… it says something, Sel. I’m not sure what yet, but there’s something more to it.

[ t e x t ] Personally, I believe you loved Naya for well, being Naya. She’s something else, everyone knows that. Feisty, unbelievably confident yet suave at the same time, gorgeous, charitable — all these qualities wrapped up into one person, it’s a feat not to fall for a girl like that. Hey, what you’re feeling right now are sorta’ equivalent to the after-effects of a high… or like waking up with a hangover. She was a drug you took for a long time and you’re not used to life without her, y’see what I’m getting at? Doing crazy shit helps you get over it so I support whatever you’re doing to get through this, as long as it’s not life-threatening and y’know, far too risque. You’ll find the light at the end of tunnel soon enough, pinky promise.

 Had a photo shoot. Found a tiny piano. Had a tiny jam session.

“I’ve never seen more fashionable people lose their composure quicker than when a cat walks up to a satin, custom Oscar de la Renta gown and then decides to make a home inside of it. She just passed, dug her claws in and started to roll … like when you see a crocodile attack an antelope on National Geographic. That’s what she tried to do to the dress.”
Taylor Swift on Meredith attacking her custom Oscar de la Renta gown before the Met Gala (x)

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